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Non-citizens causing stir ahead of Saeima elections

  • 2014-06-11
  • From wire reports, RIGA

Several left political groups and representatives of radical organizations are considering the possibility to unite under the party Union of Russians (former For Human Rights in a United Latvia) in order to run in the coming Saeima elections, reports LETA.

Union of Russians has not officially made a decision to run in Saeima elections, and several party members have different opinions about members of other political organizations. It is expected that Union of Russians could cooperate with representatives of the party For Native Language!, for example, Illarions Girss and other like-minded activists.

One of the leaders of For Native Language! - Jevgenijs Osipovs - told LETA that various options are being evaluated at the moment, including cooperation with Union of Russians, as both organizations share the same viewpoints.

"An alliance is always stronger," Osipovs stressed. Though he himself will not run in the coming Saeima elections, as he is not a citizen of Latvia, the party has several people who could be added on the ticket. The party leader Vladimirs Lindermans will not be able to run in the Saeima elections either, as he is not a citizen of Latvia.

Unofficial information indicates that the former Harmony Center member, president of the Russian Community of Latvia, Valerijs Kravcovs, could run in the coming Saeima elections together with Union of Russians.

Union of Russians was among the leader parties in the EP elections, and party leader Tatjana Zdanoka was voted MEP.