Lithuanian customs seize hash from Latvian worth 3.6 million euro

  • 2014-05-29
  • from wire reports, VILNIUS

Lithuanian Tribune

Earlier this week, Lithuanian customs officers detained a Latvian citizen on the border, who was transporting 312 kilograms of hashish on his truck, which a street value of LTL 12.5 million (EUR 3.6 million), the Lithuanian news portal '''' reports.

Customs officers from Klaipeda District stopped the truck during a special inspection at around midnight on the A12 road near the Meitene border control point. The officers detained the ''Iveco'' truck and determined that the driver was driving without a license.

Inspecting the truck's cargo, officers became suspicious after seeing plastic boxes with some kind of substance inside of them. Inspecting the cargo further, the officers seized approximately 150 such boxes with about two kilograms hashish inside each of them.

The Latvian citizen was detained and taken into custody as a security measure during the pre-trial investigation period. If convicted, he could received a prison sentence between three to 15 years.

As the Lithuanian Customs Service points out, a similar haul was seized of about 300 kilograms of hashish on the Lithuania-Poland border two months ago, and they believe both hauls are of African origin.