Diversity key to strong society, says Pekala

  • 2014-05-22
  • From wire reports, RIGA

The United States sees and understands very well the way Russia is using various media channels for spreading Kremlin propaganda and fabricated information - including in Latvia. However, the solution is to tell the truth instead of forbidding the lies, the U.S. Ambassador in Latvia Mark Pekala said in an interview with the LNT show "900 sekundes" on May 22, reports LETA.

The United States is aware of what is happening in the Russian media and how they are being used to propagate Russia's political goals in Ukraine and Crimea. However, the United States believes that diversity, dialogue, understanding and integration are very important values. Everyone should have the opportunity to express their opinions. There must be rivalry of ideas.

The United States believes that truth will prevail, and the Russian propaganda, lies and insincerity will fade away, Pekala said.

He repeatedly stressed that it is important to provide a chance for everyone to speak their minds; however, the solution is to tell the truth instead of forbidding the lies, and that is very important.

Commenting on the integrity of Latvian society, Pekala said that the most secure countries often are those which support diversity, for example, the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany. These are countries with significant ethnic and religious diversity. If Latvia has different ethnic groups, religions and languages, it is a very strong asset, Pekala said.

According to Pekala, the United States has successfully demonstrated that by encouraging different people to participate in political, economic and cultural processes, the country will only grow stronger.