Pro-Moscow group demands West leave Ukraine

  • 2014-05-09
  • From wire reports, RIGA

Approximately 50 pro-Moscow demonstrators gathered outside the Ukrainian Embassy in Riga on May 8, holding Russian flags as well as the unofficial separatist flags of eastern Ukraine, reports LETA. They also placed flowers outside the embassy.

The participants also held posters in Russian and English, with such slogans as "Eurocrats - Stop Your Killers in Ukraine" written on them, thus expressing the point of view that Europe, not Russia, is responsible for the bloodshed in the country.

After some more yelling, the demonstrators moved on to the German Embassy in Riga.

The Latvian Union of Russians (LUR) was holding its rally and procession outside the Ukrainian and Germany embassies in Riga, as well as outside the European Union's offices in Riga, against ''political and military terror in Ukraine,” the party told LETA.

LUR urged all who are ''against the military operation by the unconstitutional Ukrainian government'' to participate in the rally, as well as those who do not support ''the intervention of the West and the European Commission'' in the Ukraine crisis.