Foreign Ministry launches guidebook "For Expatriates Abroad"

  • 2014-05-05
  • From wire reports, RIGA

RIGA - To mark the restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created an informational guide on its website at entitled "For Expatriates Abroad", which is a collection of important and up-to-date information for Latvian diaspora across the globe.

The guidebook highlights the latest diaspora-related developments and provides information on consular services and assistance to expatriates. The ministry will continue updating the guidebook with information both on practical matters and issues concerning Latvian culture and education, for instance, possibilities for learning Latvian in a country of residence, or returning to Latvia.

Information of Latvian public authorities on services, assistance, support or cooperation is, for the most part, located on various Internet sites. To enable an easier search, the Foreign Ministry urges all institutions to use the newly-established guide to organise the currently available information into a common network.

An important source of information are websites and media of the Latvian diaspora organisations. The guide contains further indications on this network. It will give expatriates an opportunity to communicate, get involved in diaspora activities and learn about cultural events in the countries of residence.

There are currently about 370 000 Latvians living, studying and working in various countries of residence. The largest Latvian communities are those in the U.K., the USA, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Norway, Spain and elsewhere.