Russian group calls for annexation of Latgale

  • 2014-04-17
  • From wire reports, RIGA

Seeking to meddle in and destabilize a neighboring country, hooligans in Russia held a rally calling for annexation of part of Latvia.

The rally took place at the Latvian Embassy in Russia propagating Latgale as part of Russia, said Zigmars Zilgalvis, the second secretary at the embassy, reports LETA.

"Embassy staff did not make contact with the rally participants, and all security measures were followed," said Zilgalvis. "They held posters with captions: ‘Latgale for Russia’ or ‘Latgale - a Russian land,’ completed their objective, possibly photographed themselves, and left."

He said that the embassy does not know which organization was involved with the rally, but indicated that it had not been previously coordinated.

Zilgalvis specified that approximately nine demonstrators, who occasionally replaced one another, remained at the embassy for about an hour until they dispersed.

The Russian police guarding the embassy had increased the scope of security, indicating that they had access to information that was not received by the embassy.

This is not the first time a demonstration has been held the embassy in Moscow. In 2011, activists from the youth movement "Nashi," organized by the Kremlin, arranged a demonstration there, expressing their discontent with "state fascism in Latvia and Ukraine."