Rally in Tallinn in support of Russian campaign

  • 2014-04-14
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

Around 40 people gathered by the Russian Embassy in Tallinn on Saturday, April 12, to express support on Russia’s annexation of the Crimea and to Russians in eastern Ukraine, reports Public Broadcasting.

The protesters carried the slogans "Russians in Estonia! Let's stand for our brothers the Russians in Ukraine!", "Russia!" We are together!" and other rather idiotic messages.

One of the organizers of the meeting, Juri Zhuravlyov, was present at the meeting.

Zhuravlyov and Dmitri Linter, both connected to the scandalous Kremlin-minded group NightWatch, told the Russian newspaper Izvestija last week that Estonia's Kremlin-minded activists want to hold two protest meetings in Tallinn in April, to express solidarity with the Crimea and southeast Ukrainian oblasts and to point out the possibility of organizing a referendum over separation of northeast Estonia and joining it with Russia. The first was planned to take place on April 12 at the Russian Embassy and the second on April 20 at the Riigikogu residence, the Toompea Castle.

Sentiment by most Europeans, however, is that if Russian-speakers in Europe feel this way, they should pack up and move to Russia.