Russia’s radicals in Latvia under watch

  • 2014-04-09
  • From wire reports, RIGA

In an interview on the morning edition on April 9 of the Latvijas Neatkariga televizija (LNT) news program "900 Seconds," former president and the current chairman of the Saeima National Security Committee Valdis Zatlers (Reform Party) said that Russia's spy network in Latvia is not currently planning provocations, but is mostly gathering information on how the Latvian public reacts to Russia's actions.

He emphasized that Russia's spy network in Latvia has always existed. The last time it was as active as now was last year, when Latvia began to prepare for its upcoming EU presidency.

According to Zatlers, there are no groups associated with Russia operating in Latvia at the moment, whose aim is to organize provocations in the country. However, there are groups under Russian influence fighting for one cause or another. He said that these groups are insignificant at the moment, but they are being monitored by the Security Police.

The politician also said that radical groups have once again popped-up in the pre-election period, but that they are currently acting in accordance with the law.