Putin’s goal: recover lost USSR territory

  • 2014-03-19
  • From wire reports, VILNIUS

Lithuania's Parliament Speaker Loreta Grauziniene calls on all politicians to approach events in Ukraine with responsibility and warns that the worst scenario may still be expected from Russia, reports ELTA.

"After returning from Ukraine, the atmosphere and that feeling of a very serious situation is very strong. Therefore, I want to talk about it very seriously, so that all politicians, despite ongoing elections, should approach the situation with responsibility. Yesterday, I was shocked when I heard that some of my colleagues admired Putin's speech. It means that either we are not aware yet, or we have not enough information about the complexity of the situation," said Grauziniene, who had recently returned from Kiev, in an interview with radio Ziniu Radijas on March 19.

The speaker of the Seimas supported the opinion of President Dalia Grybauskaite, who has claimed that Russia's President Putin wants to redraw the European map. "Putin aims at reestablishing the borders of the former Soviet Union," said Grauziniene.

The speaker of Parliament said that during meetings with the Ukrainian leadership she heard fears that Putin would attempt to annex the entire Ukraine and would not stop even then.

"In his statement yesterday, Putin said it very clearly. His speech should be analyzed in depth, since it was delivered purposefully. There were hints not only to the Baltic region, but also to Germany and so on. (..) I take this situation very seriously and we, all the leaders of the country, should approach the situation with responsibility," said Grauziniene.