Labor Party accused of being Kremlin stooges

  • 2014-03-05
  • From wire reports, VILNIUS

As Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaite declared that the Kremlin was influencing the heads of the Labor Party, deputy chair of the Labor Party Arturas Paulauskas said that this was nothing more than “black technologies” and it was all “nonsense,” reports ELTA.

"Such a message, such a declaration, is strange for me. I thought that the black technologies in the elections were the past, but it appears that they are used in the current elections as well," said Paulauskas to journalists in the Seimas on March 5.

The politician recalled the leaked note about Grybauskaite in which it was stated that all people criticizing her were Moscow's agents.

"Maybe this formula is being applied. It they are criticizing, they are agents from Moscow. I can only say: no one has influenced me and no one will. It is simply nonsense," said the deputy chair of the Labor Party.

Lithuania's President Grybauskaite explained why Speaker of the Seimas and chair of the Labor Party Loreta Grauziniene was not attending the meeting of the representatives of all state defense services initiated by her on Monday.

"When the issues related to the defense of NATO and Lithuania are being dicsussed, I cannot invite the representatives of the Labor Party, especially its leaders, because we have information that the heads of this party could be under the influence of the Kremlin. The defense of Lithuania and NATO countries will not be in the party's interests," said Grybauskaite while visiting Zokniai Military Air Force Base on Wednesday.

While talking about the Labor Party's participation in the State Defense Council, Paulauskas said that the participation of the Speaker of the Seimas in the State Defense Council was fixed by the law.

"The violation of the law is obvious," highlighted the politician.

When Paulauskas was asked whether he planned to clarify the information about the Kremlin's influence upon his party, he repeated that Kremlin was not influencing the party.

"I have no such information. Maybe the president receives different information than I do, even if the State Security Department sends the same information to everyone," said Paulauskas.