Twenty Estonians in Crimea

  • 2014-03-05
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

Estonian honorary consul in Crimea Igor Sergejev said that there are around 15-20 Estonian citizens currently in the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine. Despite the tense situation there, they haven’t needed the help of the consul, reports Postimees Online.


There are a few Estonian citizens who live in Crimea permanently, the rest have arrived in the region temporarily, Sergejev said.


The consul said that the last time he had to provide consular aid to an Estonian citizen was at the end of last year when a person lost documents, reports LETA.


Sergejev stressed that he cannot comment upon the situation in the region officially, as Estonia's honorary consul, but as an ordinary person living in Crimea he feels that the situation has become much more peaceful in the past couple of days than it was last week. He added that people are all waiting for March 30 when the autonomy referendum takes place as people believe that they can express their opinion at the referendum and it will be taken into account.