Marking Estonian-Russian border will cost millions

  • 2014-02-18
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

After Estonia signs border agreements with Russia on Tuesday, and the agreements are ratified, the border will be physically marked, a project which could cost some 26 million euros, reports Public Broadcasting.

The Police and Border Guard deputy director general on border guard issues Rando Kruusmaa said that officials of the two states will have to walk through the whole border and set it down in detail where exactly the border line would run on landscape. During the work, around 139 km of land border will have to be marked with border poles, a border ditch has to be dug and certainly there will be different pathways to border installations for patrol crews to move on.

On lakes and rivers, buoys will be installed and ship pathways will be marked, reports LETA.

The Border Guard board has an approximate cost for this work. "We took a price bid before the year 2010 on how much marking the border line could cost. At the then prices, it could be around 26 million euros," estimated Kruusmaa.

Marking down the border will take several years.