Estonia responds to Russia trade import ban

  • 2014-01-31
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

The Estonian Veterinary and Food Board sent on Thursday to its Russian colleagues the official response regarding the import ban imposed by Russia on five Estonian dairy industries and six fish industries and a plan to bring requirements in line with the Custom Union requirements, Postimees Online reports.

On January 9, Russian veterinary and phytosanitary board Rosselhoznadzor implemented a ban on importing production of five Estonian dairy industries and 6 fish industries to the Customs Union that consists of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

"In cooperation with the Dairy Union, Fisheries Union and companies, we compiled an extensive response and action plan for each company. Regarding five fish industries, we added already an inspection act that proves that these companies have completed the necessary change," said Veterinary and Food Board director general Ago Pärtel.

Pärtel said that it is a very extensive document that weighed around 1.5 kg when printed out and thus the Russian side isn't expected to work through it in a couple of days but in a couple of weeks time they can already ask if Estonia can continue the imports.

The response pointed out the planned and executed changes for each company as well as supplements to the state supervision system. "We supplemented certain supervision regarding for example heavy metals where the Customs Union requirements differ from those of the European Union. We also included an additional procedure for inspecting each shipment sent to the Customs Union," said Pärtel.