Lembergs wants to run in future Latvia elections

  • 2014-01-31
  • From wire reports, RIGA

Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs has not ruled out participating in Saeima elections in the future.

"Never say never", Lembergs points out in an interview with Neatkariga newspaper.

"It turns out that, according to surveys, voters believe that I am a good candidate for a European Parliament member. Of course, Brussels is no Dubai, and you can go insane just sitting there and doing nothing. Everyone realizes that Latvian MEPs do not have any significant impact on European processes, regardless of what they say or do," says the politician.
Lembergs also points out that the fact has not participated much in the government formation process does not mean that he has lost his influence.

Speaking about the upcoming Saeima elections, Lembergs explains that the most successful party will be the one that will be joined by former Auditor General Inguna Sudraba. It seems that she will not establish her own party. Instead, she will join one of the existing political forces, adds the politician.

Lembergs believes that other parties will have to compete with each other to clear the five percent threshold to be elected to Saeima.

Earlier this month, The Baltic Times reported that former defense minister Artis Pabriks also had similar aspirations. Pabriks said he would consider running for Prime Minister in Latvia if he couldn't find a role in the European Parliament.