Who to watch in 2014

  • 2014-01-08
  • By The Baltic Scene staff

TO WATCH: Lithuanian producer Benas Aleksandravicius

During the past year, The Baltic Scene grew from a modest blog into an online magazine with thousands of followers from all over the Baltics and beyond. The crew and contributors appreciate each and every music lover who has become a part of the movement. We promise to continue digging deep to bring out the precious and hard-to-find pearls!
After many sleepless nights and discussions later, TBS’ editorial crew has put together a list of acts who have got the warning sign “Watch out!” attached to them.
In no particular order, here are the artists we think will break borders in 2014:

Wick Blaze (EE)
It’s hard to argue that the low-key producer out of the small island of Hiiumaa has got all the makings to become a professional artist. He creates gloomy 4/4 house, as well as picturesque film music. soundcloud.com/wick-blaze

Niklavz (LV)
Those who’ve witnessed him live know that it’s hard to find someone calmer and seemingly indifferent about his performance than Niklavz. His beats on the other hand express the true reckless attitude of his hood. The Latvian beatmaker was nominated for the best electronic music album of 2012. He creates a universe filled with hip hop, trap, bass and beat scene flavors. soundcloud.com/niklavssekacs

Benas Aleksandravicius (LT)
Though still in high school this guy will soon be wearing the crown of The King of the Underground for what he creates with his projects ba. and manomazasiskaras. This young producer draws influence from Egyptioan hip hop, as well as King Krule & James Blake. soundcloud.com/benasaleks

Punk Trouble (EE)
Also known as Eskimo, Punk Trouble is the cockier and arrogant alias of Estonian called Martin Kallasvee. He uses the pseudonym for his bass music outlet. soundcloud.com/punk_trouble

Red Milk (LT)
Already getting airtime from the coolest DJs and radio hosts, this duo of hot-headed guys combines the current dance music trends with a sip of irony. soundcloud.com/redmilkshake

Tommy Cash (EE)
2013 saw Tommy Cash propel into local stardom even before releasing any type of album. The unique manner and vocal abilities make him a rarity in these parts of the world. soundcloud.com/tommy-eura-h

Pyro Trees (LV)
As electro and indie both seem to be always sitting somewhere on the periphery, then a crafty band with skills to mix these two styles together should be unstoppable. soundcloud.com/pyrotrees

Sethh (EE)
He is the mad scientist who produces hits for several Estonian well known stars. Now, after living in LA for few months, we’re sure that it will not take long before you see Sethh sitting behind the mixing desk in one of the Capitol Studios. soundcloud.com/sethhsound

Napo (LT)
The 17 year-old Lithuanian beatmaker has become a household name in the thriving Lithuanian electronic music scene. He has referred to the style as post-vapor rave. soundcloud.com/leonas

Kali Briis (EE)
With the new live band format and a new LP release under producer Kali Briis’ belt, it’s clear that the electronic indie-pop flavor with a funk’n’blues twist is not going unnoticed. soundcloud.com/kalibriis

Girts Reiniks (LV)
This fine and elegant young man is one of the souls behind the local crew called Riot that popularizes techno music. As Girts Reiniks is one of the importers we´re sure he´ll also be one of the first exporters. soundcloud.com/girtsreiniks

Authors: Natalie Mets, Maija Ludbarza, Pijus Meizis, Kalev Rundu, Jon Mikiver, Jurgis Jorje, Tomas Narkevicius, Henrik Ehte