Estonians create worlds smallest ID card reader

  • 2014-01-08
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

Four Estonians have created the world's smallest ID card reader that doubles as a memory stick.

The tiny card reader that can fit in a pocket reached the Estonian market on Tuesday Jan. 7 and the creators say their first client was President Toomas-Hendrik Ilves. 

Designer Martin Lazarev who lives in Brazil had the idea of +ID four years ago.

"When you travel, you don’t want to carry all these wires with you and as a designer I just figured out a solution to solve this issue in as ergonomic and compact way as possible," he said.

With the help of three friends, Argo Männiste, Arte Ermel and Argo Karusoo, they managed to make the comfortable card reader a reality. Since all team members are located all across the world, it took around four years for the card reader to be completed. The card reader is produced in Taiwan.