Estonia shows strong belief in EU, shows report

  • 2013-12-25
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

According to a fresh Eurobarometer study, Estonia has the highest trust towards the European Union among all member states, where as compared to half a year ago, the trust of Estonians has increased by 10 percent, reports Public Broadcasting. Altogether 56 percent of Estonian residents trust the EU.

In the EU on average, 31 percent of people had a positive, 28 percent a negative and 39 percent a neutral attitude towards the EU in November this year. In Estonia, the number of people who think that the EU is to blame for the cost-cutting measures is the lowest among EU member states, at 46 percent.

Seventy-six percent of Estonian residents agreed to the claim that the union helps to protect their citizens. Sixty-one percent of the polled believe in the ability of the EU to improve the quality of life of its people.

Seventy-six percent of Estonian people support the common European currency and monetary union. As compared to May, the share of supporters of the euro has increased by 3 percent.

However, just 38 percent of Estonian people say they trust the Estonian government, a rise of 2 percentage points from May. Fifty-eight percent of the population generally feel mistrust towards the government.

The support of the Estonian people towards the parliament has increased from 30 percent in spring to 35 percent in autumn.