Latvia bans five legal drugs after crackdowns

  • 2013-12-19
  • From wire reports, RIGA

Latvia has issued a ban on five psychoactive substances and any products that contain the substance, the The Disease Prevention and Control Center says.

The five substances will be banned as of tomorrow  in an effort to protect human health, Dec. 20.

The five substances are "5F PB-22", "AB-FUBINACA", "AKB48", "analog of AM-2201 indasolcarboxamide" and "25I-NBOMe". All of them are dangerous to human health, reports LETA.

The bans mean that the substances and any products that contain them, sold at the so-called legal drugs outlets, may not be purchased, possessed, transported or distributed in Latvia from tomorrow.

It follows after crackdowns on legal drug outlets in Riga. Hundreds stormed legal drug shops earlier this year in an effort to ban the use of the drugs which activists says have a harmful effect on young people.