Young people lack motivation to find work, report shows

  • 2013-12-16
  • From wire reports, RIGA

Over 8,000 youngsters remain unemployed in Latvia, whilst 65 percent of them lack motivation to look for a job, new research shows.

Unemployed young people in the Riga Region have the best chances of finding a job,  the State Employment Agency says. Nearly 70 percent of unemployed young persons in Riga Region have high chances of finding a job, compared to 56 percent in Zemgale, 55 percent in Kurzeme, 53 percent in Vidzeme, and 45 percent in Latgale.

Most unemployed young people doubt their skills, evaluating them as mediocre or average. Young persons in Riga Region and Zemgale Province are the most confident about their skills.

Most unemployed young people have secondary education or primary education - 32.7 percent and 27.2 percent respectively. 23.4 percent have vocational education, 11.2 percent - higher education. 5.5 percent do not even have primary education.
Compared to October 2012, the number of young unemployed persons has grown 2.2 percent in October 2013.