New generation takes up fight against corruption

  • 2013-12-09
  • From wire reports, VILNIUS

Lithuania's Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius participated in an event dedicated to International Anti-Corruption Day, where the best 2013 anti-corruption initiatives were awarded, reports ELTA. This year the biggest attention was given to the proposals and ideas made by young people.

While presenting the awards, the prime minister highlighted that laws, programs and special institutions were unable to fight against corruption alone.

"This is the army which is not competent enough to fight with the enemy, who do not have a front line and who avoid fighting but who is organizing secret attacks (..). At this point, society's help is needed, its intolerance to corruption and a consistent anti-corruption education in the schools," said Butkevicius.

Butkevicius highlighted that persons who took bribes are not respected – that they are bought.

The prime minister rejoiced that an aware young generation was growing, one which was intolerant of corruption and which was changing the society's attitude towards this phenomenon.

"I am fond of students' work. There is a Latin saying - If God is with us, what is against us? To put it in different words - if the youth is up to the fight against corruption, the future Lithuania will be transparent and clean," said Butkevicius.

The prime minister spoke further of Lithuania's achievements in the fight against corruption. In 2013, Lithuanian received 57 points out of 100 and was listed 43rd among 177 countries on the Corruption Perception Index published by the non-governmental organization Transparency International. Last year, Lithuania received 54 points out of 100 and was listed 48th among 176 countries.