Sudraba fed up with old order

  • 2013-11-27
  • From wire reports, RIGA

Former Latvian Auditor General Inguna Sudraba has announced that she is creating a new national movement to unite society for a “road to a better Latvia,” reports LETA. In a special press conference on Nov. 27, Sudraba said that she made the decision because she wishes to see a different Latvia, where each person feels fortunate to live in it.

Sudraba said that the movement does not have an official name, but that she could call it “Latvia - my home.”

She said that the current model and system has led to a certain order, where power is being created for separate persons. However, she invites residents to understand that power belongs to the people, and that this is a movement of reawakening. “People do not wish to live as they have. I have made my choice - I want to be with the people. I am prepared to unite the people,” she said.

At the same time, Sudraba denied that she intends to enter politics, as she is not satisfied with the current political system in the country. At the same time, she does not wish to profit from this, as the world cannot be changed by profiting from it. “This is not a political party. I am not establishing a party and I am not intending to become some party leader,” she added.