Holistic approach taken to attract workforce

  • 2013-11-04
  • From wire reports, MARIAMPOLE

Politicians of the Lithuanian town Mariampole, in which economic indicators have been improving for several years, say they are managing quite well even without foreign investments, reports ELTA.

In this regard, the representative of the European Commission in Lithuania initiated debates titled ‘Marijampole: Business and Employment Prospects.’

The town’s politicians, businesspeople and community representatives discussed plans for the region involving strong local companies, investment in manufacturing and agriculture, developing a better quality of life and an unemployment level lower than Lithuania’s average.

Mayor of Marijampole Vidmantas Brazys said that the region’s strategic development is directed towards agriculture and manufacturing. The municipality is facing the same problem as other parts of Lithuania - how to prompt the return of thousands of emigrants. The mayor is of the opinion that an important factor tempting people to return could be the development of the living environment.

“We are contemplating how to attract 10,000 people who have left Marijampole. It will not be enough to build a factory. Good living conditions must be created,” said Brazys. The mayor noted that the municipality is working on this and, with the help of EU funds, has renovated the town center.

Representatives of various institutions say that Marijampole has good development opportunities, and its advantages are numerous well operating companies. Nonetheless, it has to deal with the black economy preventing collection of taxes and causing a lack of workforce for legally operating companies. Even though the town lacks qualified workforce, business says it manages to attract people from Vilnius and Kaunas.