Kallas hints at presidential ambitions

  • 2013-11-04
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

European Commission deputy president Siim Kallas said in an interview to Eesti Paevaleht that if he was made such a proposal, he would be interested in running for the post of Estonian president, reports LETA.

“If you have been in politics for so long and a real offer comes at the right time, then show me a politician who would say: no, I am not interested,” Kallas said.

“But I do not live in the name of that today. Naturally it is flattering to be proposed as a presidential candidate and if that offer comes, I am certainly interested,” he said.

“Today I do not make my plans based on that. There are many good people and good candidates in Estonia,” said Kallas.

Kallas, 65, has worked in the European Commission since 2004. He is former Estonian prime minister and Eesti Pank president, and his powers as European Transport Commissioner end next year.