Would-be millionaires look to lottery

  • 2013-10-24
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

A poll conducted by the CV Keskus job search portal indicated that two thirds of people in Estonia would quit their current job if they won a million euros in a lottery, meaning that they don’t really love their work, reports Postimees Online.

During the period when Estoniaused the kroon currency, there were over a hundred lottery-millionaires in the country, but no one has yet managed to win a million euro lottery.

If the winning odds were better, lottery wins could be considered a great risk for companies since 67 percent of employees would seriously consider quitting their job – 53 percent of the polled said that they would leave their current job at once, and 14 percent said they would most probably quit their job if they knew that financially they would be provided for in the future.

Fifteen percent would definitely keep their job and 18 percent of respondents said that most probably, they would keep their job.

Question – Are the Estonians workaholics, or ready to enjoy the easy life? Let us know with your comments.