Kubilius names threats to independence

  • 2013-10-14
  • From wire reports

VILNIUS - On Oct. 13 the Homeland Union - Lithuanian Christian Democrats held a Council meeting in Vilnius, where the leader of the party, Andrius Kubilius, in his greeting to the participants named what he believes are the primary problems of the day - the lack of Western thought among the ranks of the academic, state and current political elite; the threat of an aggressive Russian policy and its trade war which, according to Kubilius, is aimed not against Lithuania but against the whole European Union.

Kubilius expressed his concerns about the energy sector. “We were developing energy independence, which the current government is destroying,” he said. Kubilius named the examples of such destruction – the withdrawal of Chevron from Lithuania and the suspension of Hitachi’s activity by a referendum. The chairman of the party said he would not be surprised if the natural liquefied gas terminal was next on the target list, as the commission drawn up by Arturas Skardzius is trying to engulf this project in numerous scandals and rumors.

The party leader stated that the current government is a clear representation of provincial, imprudent and populist politics which cannot achieve any results, is deterring foreign investments and demonstrates that it does not follow the path of a Western, dynamic state.

“We are not drawing closer to the West; we are becoming more vulnerable to the influence from the East. This is the sole result of the current government. They are uniting against President Dalia Grybauskaite because she is the last barrier which is preventing the complete loss of our Western future prospects. She has made some mistakes, but she is the only visible choice in the upcoming election,” warned Kubilius.