Trips to Egypt still on sale

  • 2013-08-30
  • From wire report

TALLINN - Swedish travel agencies suspended selling holiday trips to Egypt on Aug. 16, while the fearless Estonian travel agencies continue selling autumn packages, since the season starts only in October, reports Postimees Online.
Swedish travel agencies announced the stopping of all trips to Egypt till the middle of October and of bringing around 500 Swedish tourists back from Egypt.

Estonian Travel Agencies Union secretary general Kristen Lahtein said that there are no Estonian tourists in Egypt now, and sale of trips for the autumn continues. “Estonian travel agencies would also gladly bring back tourists, if there was anyone to bring back,” said Lahtein.
She said that Egypt is a holiday destination for which it is hard to find alternatives due to good price levels, good weather and short flight time.

“There is no reason for panic, we don’t know what may happen in October,” she said, admitting that if the situation hasn’t been solved by the end of September - the daily unrest and violence on the streets - travel agencies would certainly have to do something.