Dombrovskis marks 100 days in office

  • 2013-08-12
  • From wire reports

RIGA - The most important achievement of Education and Science Minister Vjaceslavs Dombrovskis (Reform Party) during his first hundred days in office, in his own view, is the development of a “sensible dialog with members of the education and science sector,” reports LETA.

Every reform must be preceded by discussion with the given sector, the minister stressed at a press conference on Aug. 12. Dombrovskis said he had discussed his efforts with members of education unions, Latvian sports federations and other organizations.

Latvian education and science professionals’ representatives also praised their cooperation with the minister at the press conference. Latvian Olympic Committee Zorzs Tikmers said cooperation with the minister was constructive and praised Dombrovskis for renewing dialog with sports federations and other sports organizations.

Dombrovskis went on to say that his second most important achievement was solving the problem of “insufficient funds” in the Education and Science Ministry budget for increasing teacher salaries.

The third most important achievement by Dombrovskis is the allotment of funds to schools so they could buy the necessary teaching aids and textbooks pursuant to the amended Education Law, which now clearly defines the responsibilities of the state, local governments and parents.

Dombrovskis marked 100 days in office on Aug. 9. His predecessor Roberts Kilis resigned on April 30 due to health problems.