Baptism of the Samogitians celebrated

  • 2013-08-05
  • From wire reports

TELSIAI - Seimas Speaker Vydas Gedvilas visited Telsiai on Sunday were he participated in the events on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the Baptism of the Samogitians, reports ELTA.

Congratulating the organizers and participants of the anniversary, Gedvilas said that Telsiai has been called the capital of Samogitia for centuries, but today for at least one day it is the capital of Lithuania. “On the occasion of the anniversary of the Baptism, Lithuanians turn their eyes on Telsiai. This wonderful town is my hometown; therefore I appreciate and feel the festive, elated mood and the extraordinary feeling which overwhelms all inhabitants of Telsiai,” said the speaker.

Gedvilas thanked those whose efforts resulted in the sounding of the Baptism of Samogitia across Lithuania and reached the city of Rome where 600 pilgrims from Samogitia traveled and gathered for prayer. “It is a proof how important this historic event is both for the Church and for our state,” said Gedvilas.

According to him, the organizers of the anniversary probably do not realize what an important role they have played. He stated that even the slightest input of all who participated was a piece that made the enchanting and sparkling mosaic, which could only be admired.

The speaker of the Seimas wished all participants to gain from the celebration modesty, patience, tolerance, wisdom, love for family and friends. “Qualities which the Christian faith gives us, and verified through the centuries, and which we still too often lack [today],” said Gedvilas.