Baltic business people find time for sports

  • 2013-05-23
  • From wire reports

RIGA - Latvian business people, compared to their colleagues in Estonia and Lithuania, work longer hours, according to The Pulse of the Economy 2013 survey carried out by the auditor company KPMG Baltics, reports LETA.

Most business community members in the Baltic States work between nine and eleven hours a day. In Latvia, 73 percent of business people work between nine and eleven hours a day; in Lithuania - 69 percent; in Estonia - 65 percent. Twenty-two percent of Latvian, 25 percent of Lithuanian and 25 percent of Estonian business people work between seven and eight hours a day.

Latvian business people dedicate less time to physical activities than their Estonian counterparts. However, they are more active than their Lithuanian colleagues. Gym visits are the most popular physical activity among Latvian business people, Estonians prefer cross-country skiing, Lithuanians - swimming.

The study shows that Estonian business people are the most active when it comes to doing sports - 68 percent of them do sports at least three to four hours a day, compared to 44 percent in Latvia and 41 percent in Lithuania. Lithuanian business people are the most inactive - 21 percent of them do not do sports, compared to 13 percent in Latvia and 2 percent in Estonia.