Riigikogu appoints Mart Laar as the next Eesti Pank council chairman

  • 2013-04-23

TALLINN – The Estonian Riigikogu appointed on Tuesday veteran politician Mart Laar as the new Eesti Pank council chairman, Postimees Online reports.

46 MPs were for, 34 against his appointment and 4 remained unbiased.

"Mart Laar, withdrawn from party politics, two-time prime minister and one of the authors of economic reforms that laid the basis to Estonia's success, is strenuous and strong-willed, the right person to work as the council chairman of the Estonian central bank that has reached the euro area," said Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves when he proposed Laar for the post. Mart Laar is currently a parliament member.

The 5-year term of office of current Eesti Pank council chairman Jaan Mannik ends on June 12.