Patricia Kaas brings French charm to the Baltics

  • 2013-04-17
  • By TBT Staff

TRIBUTE: Patricia Kaas will focus on Edith Piaf’s greatest work on her Baltic tour.

RIGA - “Kaas Chante Piaf,” meaning “Kaas Sings Piaf” is Patricia Kaas’ new project, focusing on 21 of the great Edith Piaf’s iconic titles.
The show’s arrangement will be provided by one of the foremost rising talents in the film music scene today. Golden Globe nominee composer Abel Korzeniowski has genuinely impressed the Hollywood community with his passionate, evocative and truly original music. Abel has not only composed music for Madonna’s W.E., but has inspired fashion leader turned film director Tom Ford to collaborate with him on Ford’s debut “A Single Man.”

This show, commemorating 50 years since the death of Piaf, will open at some of the world’s most prestigious venues: the Royal Albert Hall in London, Carnegie Hall in New York, Olympia in Paris, Operett Theater in Moscow, Sejeon Cultural Center in Seoul, and more, and will be visiting the Baltics as well.  

Born in 1966 in Forbach, Lorraine, France, Patricia has gone on to dominate the French music scene winning six “Victoires de la Musique” (French Brit award equivalent), land a major film role, acting under the direction of Claude Lelouch, in “And now… Ladies & Gentlemen” beside Jeremy Irons, playing the magnificent role of a woman wounded by life for the television production “Assassinee” (Murdered) by Thierry Binisti and selling upwards of 16 million albums in more than 47 countries. The French singer and cultural icon Edith Piaf, or the “mome Piaf,” became the darling first of Paris, then of France, before she became the most famous French singer outside France, particularly in the United States. Piaf remains one of France’s greatest international stars of all time.

In 2008, after selling over 16 million albums in more than 47 countries, Patricia created “Kabaret,” an authentic show that is her personal and passionate tribute to the 1930s. It was more than just a performance tour; it was a treasure trove of beloved songs, a collection of this great artist’s most famous titles. With more than 20 songs, “Kabaret” was the most successful and elegant variety show Kaas ever performed. An extraordinary journey through 1930s cabaret, the show was performed 145 times in 35 countries over two years. The “Kabaret” album sold over 800,000 copies worldwide.
On Jan. 28, 2009 it was confirmed that Kaas would represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow.

Kaas’ fans took part in an online poll in several countries where they selected their favorite song from her “Kabaret” album. The song “Et S’il Fallait Le Faire” (And if it Had to be Done) received a clear majority of the votes and was then chosen as the lead single, and also as the French entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 where, on May 16, 2009, she finished in 8th place. The song received positive reviews in several newspapers and polls and a clear majority of 62 percent of all voters in a questionnaire believed in her chances to win the competition.

In 2012, Patricia announced her “Kaas Chante Piaf” project, which includes both a show and an album. This project is a tribute to Edith Piaf by today’s best French singer. After a fabulous career of more than 20 years, and international success, Patricia Kaas is still the dignified heiress of “La Mome” to audiences across the world.
With an innovative stage design, this unique show aims to be above all contemporary and urban. It will include a video installation with lighting that is different from anything on the stage today. Unedited, extraordinary, never seen images of Piaf will be the centerpiece of this unique event.

Patricia Kaas will perform:  
On April 26 at Pramogu Arena in Vilnius
On April 27 at Arena Riga

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