Estonian traffic safety is below EU average

  • 2013-04-11

TALLINN – While a few years ago, Estonia could be proud of traffic safety reaching the European Union average level, now we are losing positions, Postimees Online reports.

According to the fresh statistics of the European Commission, Estonia shares the 17-18th position together with Luxembourg among 27 European Union member states in the number of traffic deaths per one million inhabitants, Estonian Highways Board noted.

Estonia's indicator, 65 people who lost their lives in traffic per one million inhabitants, is a bit better than in 2011 but far from the European Union average of 55.

The best results in this respect were posted in the UK, Sweden and Holland where less than 35 traffic death cases per million inhabitants a year were registered. In the other end of the scale, there were Romania, Poland, Greece and Lithuania, where more than 90 traffic deaths per a million inhabitants were registered.

Every year, about 250,000 people are seriously injured in road accidents in the EU - compared to the 28,000 road fatalities in 2012.

In Estonia, 87 people lost lives in traffic last year while 1,706 needed medical aid.