• 2013-04-03
  • By Aivars Slucis

It can be said that Cold War 2 started at the beginning of 2012 with Putin’s election campaign and reelection as president of Russia. Cold War 2 will probably last as long as Cold War 1, some 40 to 50 years for the next two parties in Russia after Putin’s party are the Communists and the Russian Fascists. Russians don’t seem to have any deep desire for democracy and tolerated Communists for over 70 years (1917 – 1991) with no attempt to overthrow them.
In Cold War I, the borders between democracy and communism, between the Warsaw pact and NATO, were well defined and clear. Today, NATOs eastern border should be the eastern border of Latvia, a member of NATO, but it is not.

The border runs somewhere thru the middle of Latvia for in Latvia are almost a million Russians who did not leave Latvia and did not return to Russia in 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed. Almost all of them are militarists, secret policemen (KGB) and their families and relatives. Even before 1991, many Russian officers chose to retire in Latvia for it was warmer there and brought their families. Latvia was a border country and therefore filled with military bases and soldiers. In 1991 rather than return to Russia, many of these militarists only took off their uniforms and remained in Latvia. The secret policemen didn’t even have to take off their uniforms. All together, the earlier retired Russian officers, those who took off their uniforms in 1991/92, the secret policemen, the Russians who worked on the military bases as drivers and cooks for example, and the secret police secretaries and their families and other dependents, make up the vast majority of Russians in Latvia.

Therefore Latvia, a member of NATO is still occupied by Russians.
The problem is magnified because the older generations of these militarists, being angry about their lost privileges and power, have so poisoned and corrupted the minds of the younger generation of Russians against Latvians, that they are ruined for any normal life in Latvia, and all must leave. Recently these younger Russians have burned Latvian flags, put hateful antilatvian skits on the internet, have vandalized Jewish cemeteries and tried to blame it on the Latvians, and bragged that they are disloyal to Latvia, which means that they are disloyal to NATO.

Until now Western Europe and USA, lead by their leftists, bought OSCE commissars and Russian agents of influence recruited during Cold War 1, have taken the side of the Russians against the Latvians, calling the Russians some kind of minority. The last two USA ambassadors to Latvia exemplify this clearly. But now that Cold War 2 has started its time for NATO and USA to get serious and remember that almost all Russians in Latvia voted against Latvia joining NATO and European Union and almost all Latvians voted for it. Every year in Russia there is a survey as to which country the Russians consider their greatest enemy. USA and Latvia are usually second and third in this survey (first usually is Georgia or Estonia). Why do you support your enemies against your friends?

From Russians and Russian media Latvians have heard:
a.    We should have shot more of you (Latvians) when we could.
b.    Latvia is a nice place except there are too many Latvians there.
c.    Latvian language is a dog language.
d.    Latvia is part of Russia.
e.    Latvia’s independence in 1918 was a mistake.

It is very stressful and unfair for Latvians to have their country be still partly occupied and to tolerate so many Russians who are there illegally and who hate and dislike them. The Russians should have all left in 1991/92 and only the leftists in Western Europe and US state department prevented it. But now you have no choice. Cold War 2 needs clear borders, so that there are no misunderstandings, and that should be the Eastern border of Latvia.

Fortuitously, Putin needs these close to million Russians in Latvia back in Russia. The older generations of Russians have ruined the younger generations for any normal life in Latvia, but only in Latvia. They would be ideal in Putin’s Russia, for Putin is similar to the older generation of Russian militarists in Latvia. Russia’s population is decreasing by over a million Russians every year. Recently, Putin bragged to Hilary Clinton that he will now develop Russia’s Asian part – 3/4 of Russia, but with what? Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese workers won’t be enough. There has to be a substantial number of Russians there also.

US foreign policy is turning justifiably towards Asia, but in Eastern Europe there is unfinished business from WWII when the West gave Eastern Europe to Russia and Stalin. Russians in Latvia are a direct result of this. It would be morally good for Western Europe and USA to get these less than a million Russians out of Latvia. You will feel good. It should also not be too difficult for that is in the real interests of NATO, USA, Latvia and also Russia.