Estonian water companies cooperate to buy fuel

  • 2013-03-20

TALLINN – 22 water companies that belong to the Estonian Water Companies Union (EWCU) declared an international procurement for buying liquid fuel; the bids have to be submitted by the end of April, Delfi reports.

"The main reason for declaring the procurement is economic – water companies hope to get as favorable price as possible with the joint procurement, all goods and services are cheaper when bought wholesale," said EWCU executive director Vahur Tarkmees. He added that the union has a fresh experience of that since nearly 30 companies of the union now consume electric energy with favorable prices after holding a joint procurement last year.

The union buys petrol 95 and 98, winter and summer time diesel fuel. The total amount of fuel is around 750,000 liters of which diesel fuel forms two thirds. The winner also has to enable the use of fuel cards for paying for the fuel and for also goods and services, if possible.