Lithuanian PM: NPP preparatory work only to cost twice more

  • 2013-03-19

VILNIUS - Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius says that preparatory new nuclear power plant infrastructure works only will cost twice more than it had been planned originally, as now they cost at least 700 millionlitas (203 millioneuros). Lithuania is committed to implement preparatory work from its own funds.

"Widening 150 km of road, reconstruction of bridges and some streets earlier was said to cost around 300-400 millionlitas. But now we know it will cost at least 700 millionlitas. The cost definitely will not be lower than 203 millioneuros, said Butkevicius in an interview with the national radio today.

The PM also added that his initiated working group at the moment cannot give figures on the cost of electricity produced in the future NPP. In addition to that, he said that "return on investors' capital" has not been estimated yet either.

"Estonian and Latvian prime ministers are waiting for economic estimations. No one will invest before they have an economic justification. I believe that we will have figures before May 15," he said.