Campaign draws attention to products made in Estonia

  • 2013-02-12

TALLINN - The Association of Estonian Food Industry is running the campaign “Notice the flag!” for the fourth time in an attempt to help customers recognize Estonian-made products in stores, Estonian Public Broadcasting reports.

More than 10,000 products are emblazoned with a small Estonian flag, which assures customers the products are made in Estonia "by and for Estonians," keeping in mind the taste preferences and traditions, said a statement by the Association of Estonian Food Industry.

The organization’s head Sirje Potisepp cited a 2012 EMOR study that showed up to 80 percent of customers trust all the products made in Estonia.

“Preferring domestic products is important for two reasons – it is domestic industries that ensure a significant level of permanent jobs and taxes for the treasury,” said Potisepp.

Most stores that are members of the central union of consumers' cooperatives, ETK, carry the flagged products.