724,590 lats donated to political parties last year

  • 2013-01-29

RIGA - In 2012, a total of724,590lats (1 million euros)  was donated to political parties in Latvia, which was the lowest within the past ten years, according to information from the Corruption Prevention Bureau.

The largest monthly donations to parties were received in December of last year - 112,539lats, but the smallest in May - 21,418lats.

The Corruption Prevention Bureau informs that political parties in Latvia have received a total of 23.3 million lats in donations during the past ten years. The bureau points out that 2.14million lats of these donations have been deemed illegally, but only 421,000lats has been repaid to the state budget.

The Corruption Prevention Bureau has also been unsuccessful in recovering illegal donations made to the now liquidated People's Party and Latvia's First Party/Latvia's Way, parties which were led by two of Latvia's so-called oligarchs Andris Skele and Ainars Slesers.