Antiglobalists to stage protest against euro

  • 2013-01-29

RIGA - Association “Antiglobalists” will organize several events on Thursday, Jan. 31, protesting Latvia's accession to the eurozone, the association informed LETA.

At 8:30 a.m., the association will stage a protest at the Saeima building against the introduction of euro in Latvia.

The association states that on Thursday “Saeima members are planning to destroy the national currency, the lat, and, much like in 1940, adopt a transnational currency that will be completely beyond our control. This time it is euro instead of ruble.”

Thursday evening, the association will hold a conference on Brivibas St. 266 in Riga.

The conference will bring together several popular economists, lawyers, representatives of non-governmental organizations, who will discuss the reasons why Latvia should not adopt the euro.

The conference will be broadcasted live at the,, and portals, "Antiglobalists" inform.

Members of the association will also give a brief press conference on the proposed referendum on Latvia's accession to the eurozone.

As reported, Saeima will vote on the euro implementation bill in the final reading on January 31.

Latviawants to introduce euro on Jan. 1 next year.