Company briefs - 2013-01-24

  • 2013-01-23

Fast food aficionados will be able to have it their way at the end of February in Jelgava as the latest McDonald’s restaurant is set to open, reports The company’s investment in its new restaurant will amount to 1.4 million euros, as opposed to the previously mentioned 1 million euros. Forty-five new jobs will be created as a result. The Jelgava McDonald’s will be located next door to a Statoil filling station. This will be the second McDonald’s outside Riga, bringing the grand total to 12 restaurants in Latvia.

Chevron Exploration and Production Lietuva, a Lithuanian subsidiary of Chevron Corp., submitted the only bid in a tender for shale-gas exploration rights in Lithuania, reports Baltic News Service. If the bid is accepted, the company would need to invest at least 80 million litas (23.1 million euros) in exploration of the Silute-Taurage field in western Lithuania, the newswire said, citing the head of the geological service, Juozas Mockevicius.

The financial assets of Lithuania’s non-financial corporations amounted to 89 billion litas (25.8 billion euros) at the end of the third quarter 2012, whereas their annual growth rate was six percent, the Bank of Lithuania said in a statement. Unquoted shares and other accounts receivable made up the largest portions of financial assets. At the end of the third quarter, the said portions made up 24 and 41 percent, respectively. At the end of the third quarter, liabilities of non-financial corporations totaled 188.4 billion litas; their annual growth rate was three percent.