Use of cash grows in Estonia

  • 2013-01-22

TALLINN - 350 million euros more than the previous year was withdrawn from 754 ATMs in Estonia in 2012, which means an annual growth of 13percent, Public Broadcasting cites data of security services company G4S.

The average sum of money withdrawn from an ATM has also increased: while in 2011, it was nearly 76 euros, in 2012 it was 83 euros.

Just like the year before the 50 euro banknote continued to be the most popular.

"The rumours about the loss of popularity of cash as a means of payment are strongly exaggerated," said G4S Eesti cash division director Veiko Vaher.

81 bank notes and 186 coins suspected of being forged were forwarded to the police last year. The amounts have increased somewhat last year.