Krumina elected as new Auditor General

  • 2013-01-17

Elita Krumina.

RIGA - Today, Saeima elected State Audit Office council member Elita Krumina as the new Auditor General.

The decision was made despite several lawyers and politicians' concerns about Krumina's eligibility for the position.

66 MPs voted for Krumina, 18 voted for the other candidate - Iveta Rutkovska.

Krumina was nominated by the Reform Party and All For Latvia-For Fatherland And Freedom/LNNK.

Some lawyers and politicians previously doubted Krumina's eligibility for the position and the Saeima Legal Office's assessment was requested. The Saeima Legal Office, however, has not yet formulated its opinion and requested more time for the assessment.

Krumina's candidacy was also supported by current Auditor General Inguna Sudraba.

Previously, the coalition failed to agree on a joint candidate and Unity nominated Rutkovska as the other candidate for the position.

After the vote Elita Krumina said that it should be left for legal experts to decide on the eligibility of her appointment.

Krumina told members of the press that she is confident of her professional competence, knowledge and experience to head the State Audit Office.

Krumina also added that she does not feel that she has been put in an awkward situation, and that if the Saeima's Legal Office will have a negative assessment of her eligibility, she will act in accordance with regulations.

She emphasized that the State Audit Office's mission is to oversee the spending of state budget funds, so that the public is confident every lat is truly spent appropriately and rationally.

Sudraba's second term in office will expire on January 21.