Russian holiday spending booms

  • 2012-12-20
  • From wire reports

While on average a Russian tourist spends over 300 euros in Estonia, at the end of the year their spending increases by two or three times, experts say, which, according to estimates of Eesti Paevaleht, means 5-10 million euros in extra income for the tourism sector as compared to last year, reports LETA.

In December and January around 1,000 Russian tourists more than last year are expected to visit Estonia. Over the past five years, the number of Russian tourists has increased four times.

Since Russian tourists are among the biggest revenue generators for companies, accommodation and entertainment facilities in Tallinn and elsewhere in Estonia focus a lot on Russian tourists when organizing New Year’s parties. A large part of packages and hotel places are sold out by September and October.

Enterprise Estonia Tourism Development Center head Tarmo Mutso said that 15,000 Russian tourists more can be expected in December and January than last year, when over 62,000 people from Russia came to Estonia and stayed overnight in accommodation establishments. Many people also stay at relatives’ places or come on day cruises. “When Russian people spend an average of 310 euros a year on a trip, we assume that at the end of the year the spending is considerably bigger. New Year’s parties in Tallinn already cost over 100 euros a person,” said Mutso.