I can only pray for our good intentions to be heard - Uspaskich

  • 2012-12-06

VILNIUS - Chairman of the Labor Party Viktor Uspaskich says that he cannot change the decision of the party's leadership, which does not want to change the ministerial candidates, even though President Dalia Grybauskaite did not like candidates Loreta Grauziniene and Virginija Baltraitiene.

When asked what was he going to do to have all his candidates approved, the politician did not dramatize the situation and said he would pray.

"I will pray. What else could I do? I can only pray for our good intentions to be heard," he said on Thursday.

He said that he cannot change the Labor Party leadership's decision and eliminate Grauziniene and Baltraitiene from the list of ministerial candidates.

Incoming Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius is going to present the final list to Grybauskaite Friday. There will be 14 names on the list, including Grauziniene and Baltraitiene.