Better relations between NATO and Russia are in Baltic interests - Rasmussen

  • 2012-12-04

BRUSSELS - Better relations between NATO and Russia are also in the interest of the Baltic States, believes NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Today and tomorrow, NATO foreign ministers have a meeting in Brussels, during which the NATO-Russia Council will hold a working luncheon. According to Rasmussen, the Council will discuss how to bring new energy to NATO-Russia relations.

By developing truly strategic partnership between Russia and NATO, as decided during the NATO-Russia Summit in 2010, the overall security environment in Europe and the Euro-Atlantic region will improve, Rasmussen told reporters yesterday.

He pointed out that it will be particularly important for the alliance's eastern members since their security will improve due to reducing the likelihood of potential tensions with Russia.

Rasmussen also emphasized that it is highly important for the Baltic States and other eastern members to believe in the efficiency of the collective defense system, and confirmed that NATO is ready to efficiently defend its members.