Latvia’s richest families - Lembergs, Paskausks and Skele

  • 2012-11-20

RIGA - The Lembergs - Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs, together with his son Anrijs and daughter Liga - are Latvia's richest family with assets worth 140 million lats [199 million euros], according to this year's edition of Latvia's 100 wealthiest persons, collated by “Baltic Screen.”

"Baltic Screen" points out that the Lembergs still have two very different lists of assets. The first one can be found in Lembergs' declaration of income and public data on Anrijs and Liga. It indicates that the family's assets do not exceed 10-12 million lats. According to this list, Lembergs owns six real estate properties in Riga and Ventspils Region, his son owns shares in "Baltimar VT," "VB Holdings" and "LSF Holdings," as well as 48 real estate properties in Riga, Ventspils, Ventspils and Krimulda regions. Lembergs' daughter owns 25 real estate properties in Riga, Ventspils, Ventspils and Kuldiga regions.

The second list contains assets considered by the prosecutor's office or a British court as secretly belonging to Lembergs. The list indicates that the family's assets amount to at least 140 million lats.

The Paskausks are the second wealthiest family in Latvia. The family owns "Agrolats Holding" and its assets are estimated at 60 million lats.

Vitauts Paskausks owns 30 real estate properties in Dobele, Janis Paskausks owns 34 real estate properties in Dobele, Jelgava and Tukums regions, Andris Paskausks owns four real estate properties in Dobele and Tervete regions. Andris Paskauskas is also the sole owner of "Liepas" and "Agro Investment" shares. Vitauts Paskausks is also affiliated with the Tervete brewery and "Agrofirma Tervete."

The Skeles are the third richest family in Latvia with assets worth 45 million lats.