Women’s group affirms economic focus

  • 2012-11-14
  • By TBT Staff

RIGA - “Women Together” is the new name of the network formerly called the Women in Business Network (WiBN). At the November meeting, members decided to hold meetings every two weeks and to discontinue the membership fee scheme, replacing it with a pay-as-you-go model for each meeting. The network brings women of all ages and backgrounds together in a social setting where common issues can be shared, new contacts and friends made. Latvian and English are the languages used so that non-Latvians can also participate in the meetings.

The network, started in April 2012, is one of several activities organized by The Brian Faul Foundation (www.brianfaulfoundation.com), a British-registered charity with official status in Latvia. Deputy Executive Director Dace Mozeiko said that members had given their ideas for future meetings, which included wine tastings, different cuisines, healthcare issues, public speaking, and that with the cooperation of the management of the recently opened wine bar, Vino Vina in Old Riga, the network should continue to develop and grow stronger.

Although there are a few other networks that welcome women members, or are for women only, some of these target particular groups of women and take place when the majority of women are working. “Women Together” meets after work on Wednesdays so it is hoped more women will be able to go along to meetings.

The network will be linking up with similar networks across Europe, enabling women to have a more active voice and to be better informed about the things that are most important to them. It is a common belief that women are often under-valued in the business world, and this is clearly seen in salaries and in the number of women holding managerial and executive positions. Even though the female candidate for the particular vacancy is the perfect choice, she is often overlooked simply because she is a woman, says the foundation.

Women therefore need to show what they are made of, and it is hoped that the network will give people the chance to develop their skills and talents for the future. Members will be able to access advisory and consultancy services including family support, career and educational advice and professional development skills.