Pekala: Latvian-American relations to become closer after Obama’s re-election

  • 2012-11-07

RIGA - Latvian-American relations will not experience any significant changes after the re-election of U.S. President Barack Obama, except that both countries' cooperation in security, economy and personal contacts will further deepen, U.S. Ambassador to Latvia Mark Pekala told reporters today.

Obama knows Latvia is a good friend to the United States and he considers Latvia a strong ally and partner, said the ambassador.

Asked about Obama's possible visit to Latvia, Pekala pointed out that it is too early to speak about it, since the president's agenda is still unknown. Nevertheless, Pekala said he would discuss it with Washington.

Pekala emphasized that Obama's re-election is good news for Latvia, since the president has resolved to continue pursuing closer relations with Latvia and Europe.

The U.S. television channels report that current U.S. President Barack Obama from the Democratic Party has won yesterday's presidential election in the U.S. Republican candidate Mitt Romney has already admitted his defeat.