PM allows the possibility of another referendum on NPP

  • 2012-10-18

VILNIUS - Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius says that once detailed information on the Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) project will be available, repeated referendum on the approval of the construction of a nuclear power plant may be issued.

"A fact has been established (). The opinion has been expressed in the advisory referendum. () The question is how Lithuania and the Baltic States must live further. () Maybe in a few years, once we minutely examine all the numbers of the project, we may ask for the public opinion once again. I think this idea may be considered," said the PM to the radio Ziniu Radio in a telephone interview. Kubilius is currently on a visit in Romania.

According to the Central Electoral Commission, the referendum that took place on Sunday, is valid. The issue on the implementation of the decision achieved by this referendum must be discussed at the Seimas in a month at most after its announcement under the order defined by the Statute.

According to preliminary data, 62.68 percent were against the construction, while 34.09 supported the project.