NPP must be built in Lithuania - Degutiene

  • 2012-10-17

VILNIUS - Although the majority of people who attended the referendum on the construction of nuclear power plant in Visaginas city voted against the plant, Seimas Speaker Irena Degutiene says that Lithuania must have its own nuclear plant.

Degutiene points out that it is only an advisory referendum and only half of Lithuania's people participated, 60 percent of whom voted against the plant.

Degutiene says that it would be correct if newly elected Parliament made the decision over the citizens' will expressed in the advisory referendum.

"My opinion has not changed, I think that Lithuania's future position is the one expressed in 2007 when it adopted the law. Back then there were no discussions whether Lithuania needs a nuclear power plant. It is a factor of Lithuania's future development and I think that a new nuclear power plant must be built," says Degutiene.

According to the preliminary data, 62.68 percent of voters rejected the construction of the new nuclear power plant, while 34.09 percent voted in favor of the plant.