Berzins: Latvia could reach EU’s average standard of living in 20 years

  • 2012-10-11

RIGA - If Latvia is able to speed up its development, the country could near the European Union's average standard of living in 20 years, President Andris Berzins (pictured) predicted during an interview with the on-line discussion “Dienas Rits” this morning.

The president warned that, if Latvia maintains its current development rate, the country could reach the bloc’s average standard of living in 47 years only.

Berzins explained that, during his recent visit to the United States, Latvia was recommended to find its own path in Europe to accelerate the country's development, since its stability is no longer an issue. There is no other way, emphasized the president and added the next five years will be decisive.

When asked about the necessity to improve Latvia’s birth rate, Berzins pointed out that in two-thirds of cases the country’s population decreased due to migration. Only the remaining one-third was affected by the birth rate. "Even if more money is given, nothing will change," said the president.